Longest PowerShocker LGT-2500S 2CH with shipping




Description :

PowerShocker LGT-2500S(New, Two channels)

The new PowerShocker LGT-2500S is also a new member in our ESWT family. It is portable with compact design and can give you options to carry out treatments without any restriction. It can be used in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation center, and sports medicine center for the treatment of musculoskeletal disease and chronic pain in shoulder, back, heel, knee or elbow. It also can be used for selective treatment of muscle spots, smooth muscle, massage along the direction of the muscle bundle to exclude lym-phatic fluid, large area muscle massage after shock wave treatment with the new transmitters and handpiece.

This machine is worth paying attention to for it can give you excellent treatment experience and high function-price ratio.


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